Promotional gadgets

Promotional gadgets and promotional gifts with your logo imprinted are an effective form of promoting your company and the services you offer, which every customer will appreciate. Ideal as a thank you to new or regular customers, but also as an element of branding at trade fairs, industry meetings and in everyday work.


Advertising gadgets and corporate gifts

Personalized advertising gadgets one of the primary vehicles for promoting a company or brand. That's why at MBE we have an extensive collection of promotional items and printed gadgets for every budget, which you can order in any quantity - we also realize small print runs. From pens with your company data to USB flash drives with your logo. From office accessories to sports and recreational items. From fashionable gadgets to eco-friendly gifts.

MBE Centers. have been supporting their customers for years, designing and preparing personalized gadgets and gifts tailored to the industry or occasion (also for trade shows and business meetings or as holiday gifts for employees, contractors and customers). We design, print, engrave and deliver them exactly where you need them, and if necessary, we also take over the micromanagement - packaging and shipping to customers or partners.


Gadżety promocyjne - piłeczki antystresowe z logo 

Exemplary realization: promotional gadgets on the occasion of the European Football Championship 2020 - anti-stress balls with printing - printed anti-stress balls


A small advertising gift that effectively promotes your company

Many advertising gifts and promotional gadgets are actually everyday items. By placing your logo or contact information on them, you make your customers remember your brand or offer and they will certainly contact you, in case they need to place an order for the services you offer.

At MBE, we also have many gadgets and items that are perfect for advertising or promotional campaigns. Are you introducing a new product or service? Or are you exhibiting at an industry trade show and want to make it memorable for visitors? Giving potential customers promotional gadgets with your logo not only makes them smile (who among us doesn't like gifts?), but also effectively builds a relationship with them and increases recognition and awareness of your brand.


At MBE Centers. MBE Centers we design and manufacture, among other things:

  • Pens with printing or engraving
  • USB flash drives with your logo
  • Printed sports and recreational items (e.g. balls, deck chairs, sports bags, towels)
  • Printed office accessories (notebooks, pads, organizers)
  • Printed mugs and cups
  • Personalized clocks
  • T-shirt and other printed apparel items
  • Environmentally friendly promotional gadgets
  • Exclusive promotional gadgets
  • easonal, occasional and industry-specific gadgets (e.g. a mini-thermophore for winter or a beautician's bag for a SPA salon)
  • Sweets with logo (on the packaging or the product itself) - chocolates, fudge, cookies
  • Gift sets and gift baskets, including distribution

and... much, much more!

Contact us and tell us about your company - using our years of experience in building promotional campaigns for businesses, we will prepare for you an offer of advertising gadgets and other promotional materials that will reflect the character of your brand and delight customers!

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