Large format printing

We offer comprehensive large format printing solutions that help our clients capture customer attention and build strong, recognisable brands. 

Large format printing is a part of everyday life of almost all of us, although we may not even realize it. Walking around the city, we see examples of large format printing at every step: billboards, advertisements on taxis and buses, posters at bus stops or shop windows of the shops we pass. The list is really long, and moreover... quite flexible!


When are we talking about large format printing?

Large format printing is, simply put, a group of prints that are too large to be printed on the most common and available sizes of commercial printers. Large format printing therefore requires the use of specialist production equipment, which allows larger than standard print dimensions to be achieved.

Large format printing is used in the preparation of large advertising and information formats, mainly for marketing or branding purposes. These can take various forms, such as advertising banners, posters, car branding or outdoor advertising of service points.


Why use large format - large format prints?

The answer here is simple - because large format advertising is one of the most effective ways of marketing a product or service, through outdoor advertising where pedestrian and car traffic is greatest. Why?

  • Statistically, while outdoors we spend about hour of time per week analysing different forms of large format advertising
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  • Research shows that large format printing is the second most effective and memorable form of advertising, right after... TV advertising!
  • The presence of large format advertising in public spaces builds brand trust
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Large format printing with graphic design

At MBE, we work with entrepreneurs every day, helping them to spread their wings. That's why we understand how important it is to find cost-effective marketing strategies that deliver maximum profits with minimum effort. Banners, graphics on vehicles, billboards and window stickers draw attention to your brand and make your message memorable. 

We specialize in comprehensive printing solutions - you can order from us an individual graphic design and its printing, even on the most unusual format or in a low edition. 

  • Colour or black and white prints made using the latest digital technology
  • Flexible order quantities to save storage space
  • Professional equipment capable of printing on almost any material, including mesh, UV-resistant material, canvas or vinyl
  • Finishings such as special coating or lamination
  • Handles, frames, stands and protective cases

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